Life is an adventure in which no two paths are exactly the same.

Through choice, chance and experience, journeys take shape and become our own paths. Here is some of what I’ve discovered about myself as a creative professional on mine. I’m a…

  • Creative Geek
  • Photo Snapper
  • Brand Nerd
  • Apple Enthusiast
  • Color Lover
  • Fanatic Learner
  • Info Gatherer

I am also a results driven, big picture thinker with a keen curiosity and ability to quickly learn about my clients and understand their needs. Through my 13+ years of creative industry experience, a passion for all things brand has emerged. A strong ability to connect, collaborate and partner in my business relationships has been key to helping my clients succeed on both a national and local level.

While leading creative and cross-functional project teams internally and externally, I have developed and driven strategic initiatives for visual look and feel, communications, digital and social media. Working with data, research and applying design thinking to solve problems ignites my creative energies and produces stronger end results. Creative solutions can come from anywhere or anyone, and I am intentional about promoting a healthy, collaborative culture within my teams in order to produce great work with a nuanced point of view. Through creative problem solving, I discover key insights and apply solid design skill and principles to bring ideas to life. The end goal – to make a brand, product or service seen, heard, relevant and loved. Powered by coffee.

When I’m not busy strengthening brands and leading creative teams, you can find me..

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