Gina + Will

Goodwill launches Gina + Will, a successful campus resale shop concept, in the heart of the University of Minnesota’s Dinkytown neighborhood.


Key Characteristics


Welcome to Gina + Will. Goodwill’s boutique thrift store for college students. Located in the heart of Dinkytown next to the University of Minnesota campus. Let’s check it out!

When you enter G + W (Gina + Will), you are welcomed by an open space with high ceilings, fun, fresh colors and rack upon rack of trendy, gently used clothing items.

Sunglasses and accessories are artfully arranged and displayed for shoppers on tables in front of the shoe area.

Enplug allows an instant stream of social sharing live in store. This feature is located next to the fitting rooms, making it fun to try on outfits, snap photos and share instantly with friends using #GinaPlusWill and #GWFinds. Once a customer shares a photo with these hashtags, it will be automatically loaded onto the live feed in the store.

To engage our shoppers even more, Goodwill installed a sliding selfie wall where customers can select the background of their choice adding a little more fun to each #selfie.

Sections are identified by chalkboard which saves money on signage cost and makes for an efficient way to change the merchandise layout of the store.

Shoes are arranged in clear plastic cubes to keep them organized and allow the shoes to do the talking!

G+W is perfectly located on a corner between Starbucks and Target Express, on the lower level of a new building with modern student living above.